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to improve the lives of women,
their families and their communities

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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Issues / Policy Concerns / Committees
According to OCW Constitution & By-Laws
The work of the Council is carried on by committees and study groups, focusing on topical issues. While not all committees are operating fully at all times, the structure exists, should an issue need urgent study and action. The committee convenors are ready for such action in the areas of:


1) to note general legislation, by-laws and enactments of Municipal government, as well as federal or provincial legislation affecting municipalities;
2) to attend, or arrange for attendance, at meetings of municipal government, as appropriate, and to keep Council informed of civic affairs; and
3) to encourage women to participate in public affairs and to seek elective office


- to stimulate interest in art, literature, drama and music, by the promotion of libraries, exhibits and the performing arts


1) to work toward full opportunity for education for all children and adults; and
2) to monitor change in the education system and its impact on the community


1) to stimulate interest in environmental matters;
2) to work towards environmental sustainability; and
3) to monitor change


1) to keep up to date on developments in health promotion and illness prevention;
2) to gather information on all government levels of health care policy; and
3) to spearhead advocacy for change where needed, especially at the local level


1) to examine the general conditions of housing;
2) to advocate for improved living conditions; and
3) to encourage healthy, viable communities


1) to publicize programmes of OCW; and
2) to make the work of OCW more widely known in the community


- to encourage recreation and recreational opportunities for all residents - to promote a healthy life-style


- to monitor issues that impact on personal and public safety


- to engage in education, advocacy, and action directed at promoting social and economic justice and well being, in such areas as:
  • poverty and income distribution;
  • family and child issues;
  • social service delivery and vulnerable populations;
  • interpersonal violence, especially against women and children;
  • the criminal justice system; and
  • global and national action on social and economic rights
Resolutions Process and 2015-16 Timeline for Resolutions, Updates and Letters

The Ottawa Council of Women is asking you to submit your issues for advocacy: local, Ontario, and Canada-wide, issues that affect women, children and families.

Ottawa has a federal election on Oct 19, and we can advocate based on existing policy. Ottawa area advocacy can be approved locally and quickly, but new provincial and national issues must be approved at the AGMs next spring 2016.

The provincial and national guidelines will be sent on request, but here is our OCW timeline:

Sept 15 – Bring your resolution IDEAS to OCW General meeting, 7pm at Overbrook Community Centre, or contact Jeannette Logan (819) 682-4052
Oct 7 – Submission of Ottawa issues to NCWC, and new resolution or update titles, with short outline, and author’s or contact’s email address
Oct 13 – OCW Board meeting at 1pm: perusal/discussion of proposed subjects
Oct 15 – Draft of resolution or update for distribution to Resolution Committee
Oct 16 – Resolution Committee meeting (tentative) Oct 20 - OCW general meeting to discuss and approve Ottawa’s submissions to PCWO and NCWC
Nov 16 and Nov 30 – Deadlines for NCWC and PCWO resolutions and updates, respectively.

Please send your questions and submissions to Jeannette Logan (819) 682-4052. Thank you for your commitment to improving Canada for all Canadians.
Provincial Council of Women of Ontario Provincial Council of Women of Ontario Calendar 2015-2016

2015 September 1 Resolutions Convener send memo to members
October – 2nd week Agenda for Semi-Annual Meeting, flyer and registration form for Semi-Annual Meeting in Toronto is sent to membership
October – 3rd week President takes Briefs to Queen’s Park
November 16-18 Board Meeting, Semi-Annual Meeting & Strategic Planning Meeting in Toronto
November 30 Deadline for submitting resolutions
2016 January 15 Resolutions are sent to membership
February – 3rd week Registration forms and Agenda for Annual Meeting are sent out
March 31 Deadline for submitting amendments to resolutions, and updates
April 8 Deadline for sending in registration forms for AGM
April 22-24 Annual General Meeting in Toronto
National Council of Women Canada National Council of Women Canada (NCWC) Calendar 2015-16

2015 Fall 2015 - Annual Brief to the Government of Canada
Oct 7 - Notification of proposed resolutions to be submitted to Resolutions Chair Mary Potter
Oct 24-25 - Board of Directors Meeting – Ottawa
Nov 16 - Deadline to submit Proposed Resolutions and Policy Updates to Resolutions Convenor Mary Potter
2016 Jan 10 - Proposed Resolutions circulated to membership for review
Jan 30 - Membership renewal invoices sent out
Feb 28 - Notice of Motion from Constitution Convenor Virginia Schweitzer
March 31 - Deadline for Proposed Amendments to Resolutions to be received by Resolutions Convenor
March 31 - Deadline for Emerging Issues Resolutions to be received by Resolutions Convenor
May/June - Annual General Meeting/Conference in Ottawa
June 9 to 12- Annual General Meeting/Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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