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Ottawa Council of Women (OCW)


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Ottawa Council of Women is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization with the object of bringing together groups of women, and of women and men, and individuals, to work towards improving the quality of life in our community. Our long history of community service has furthered the interests of women, the family, the community and the country while giving many women the experience, skills and personal confidence to enter public life.

From September to February, the Ottawa Council of Women holds monthly education/information meetings and events that are also open to the public. The Ottawa Council of Women is funded by annual membership fees.

OCW provides a wide democratic forum for members’ policy concerns in many areas of public affairs, which can be addressed to appropriate levels of government through established grassroot Council policy. While each member organization, or Federates, retains its autonomy at all times, together our voices form a strong force to speak out about crucial local social justice issues.

The Ottawa Council of Women is federated with the Provincial Council of Women Ontario (PCWO), and the National Council of Women Canada (NCWC), as well as the International Council of Women through the NCWC. The Ottawa Council of Women was founded in 1894 by Lady Ishbel Aberdeen, wife of the Governor General, together with the church women of Ottawa’s main stream denominations, and secular charitable and civic groups. Jewish women’s groups were also early members of the Council.