Canadian Doctors for Medicare promoting Pharmacare

From speaking to legislators on Parliament Hill (see 19:09) to Canada’s op-ed pages and helping to lead a sea-change in organized medicine, Canadian Doctors for Medicare Board Members have been busy pushing for universal drug coverage.

There’s a new opportunity for you to have your say too.

Canada is the only high-income country in

the world with a universal health care system that does not include a universal drug plan.

The World Health Organization has recognized that access to medication is a human right, yet 1 in 10 in Canada cannot afford to take their medications because of cost. Workers who depend on shrinking private drugs plans often pay for their drug coverage in the form of lower wages. And when people lose their jobs, change jobs or retire, they often lose their drug coverage.

We need a national Pharmacare program to ensure everyone in Canada can access the medications they need. This program must be public, universal, comprehensive, accessible and portable. Pharmacare will save money and save lives.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare is requesting our members and donors to share your experiences of rising costs of medication or lack of access to medicines you need at:

These powerful stories will be used to support our work when advocating for universal, single-payer Pharmacare to policy-makers and the public.

You can also click here to notify the federal government of your priorities for health care as part of the 2020 Pre-Budget Consultations:

This work would not be possible without your support. Your donations and membership power what we do.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare